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Training specificity

By February 15, 2018 No Comments

The statement: “he or she is in great shape” – doesn’t mean anything. He or she is in great shape for what?
So in biology and more specifically in physiology we talk about training specificity. This term refers to the fact that biological organisms change in response of a stressor.

So this means that if I decide to train in long distance running, I am going to get very good at… Well… long distance running. If I decide to lift very heavy weights, I will get very good at… Well… lifting very heavy weights.
So, in fact, if my focus is to train to become a better golfer and that is why I became an Exercise Physiology major at University of Miami.

In my blog I want to share what I learned in class and how I apply it in my daily training routines. Many of the topics can be complicated and probably not commonly discussed in relation to golf, but I’ll do my best to explain and present the information in a simple way.

I will also discuss topics related to health and wellbeing.

So I invite you to follow my blog posts and to send me any questions, comments, or topics you want me to discuss!